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Grace View Farm
Grace View Farm is on a family owned estate called Chickamauga Investments. The farm originally was owned by Nellie Ruth and Robert G. Peter's. Robert G. Peter coming out of a family of eleven children farmed throughout his life, while serving in World War II and being the Representative of Catoosa County in Ringgold,GA for twenty years. During that time Robert's wife, Nellie Ruth, raised three children; Angela, Diane, and Wayne Peters, which jointly own the estate now. About Us

Consisting of several hundred acres and a large abundance of wildlife; Chickamauga Investments is located on the outside of the historic town called Ringgold, located in Georgia, among the foothills of the Smokey Mountains (

The Historic town of Ringgold is where the famous locomotive General was stopped during "the Great Locomotive" chase on April 12,1862, and the "Battle of Ringgold Gap" took place on Missionary Ridge November 27, 1863.

Grace View Farm
A Bit of History of Ringgold,GA--Ringgold was named after Maj. Samual Ringgold a great hero in the Battle of Palo Alto for creating the "Flying Artillery" tactic that won the war. The Battle of Palo Alto was one of the first war's of the U.S.-Mexican War. Maj. Samual Ringgold suffered from cannon wounds in both legs and died three days later in Point Isabel, Texas.
Love . Understand . Come Together . Partnership . Harmony . Finesse
About Us


Raised in Augusta, GA for eight years, I've always had the passion for horses since the time I started speaking. Although, due to my age and my parents desire's for me, I didn't get to sit on a horse's back for the first time and start learning to work with horses until I was nine years old. My family moved from Augusta, GA to Ringgold, GA after a long stay in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to my grandparent's farm. In Ringgold my grandfather, Robert G. Peter's, then encouraged my parents and me to pursue in making my dream of working with horses a reality.

At nine years old I spent about three to four years at Mahada Farms learning the basics of horsemanship skills and riding under saddle with Diane Adams. Toward the end of my five years at Mahada Farms my instructor and family came to the conclusion I was ready to have my first horse. Then after a year of proving myself with my horse, a Tennessee Walker, my family purchased another horse for me, Arabian, named Shadow.

Grace of Grace View Farm

At the age thirteen I was working with a more advanced instructor and riding more advanced horses under saddle on a small farm near Collegedale, TN. At this time I started competing on weekends at local competitions doing jumping, English pleasure, and western pleasure. Although, my lessons only consisted of English riding and very little western; I learned jumping, groundwork under saddle, barn management, western riding, and advanced my horsemanship skills in horses. After a year in Collegedale, TN I decided I needed more of a solid foundation in my horsmanship skills and riding, so I joined the Chattanooga Pony Club.

At the age fifteen I had already sold my Tennessee Walker and my Arabian, and bought two Warm- blooded horses; a four year old thoroughbred and a Hanoverian Broodmare that did three day eventing. I stopped working with local instructor's and started training my thoroughbred under saddle. I attended Equitana USA going to seminars and training clinics to increase my knowledge with horses. Throughout time I followed my brother to his golf tournaments to see him play golf all over the states and I went to every equestrian center that I could attend to take lessons from there instructor's, while continuing to work with my horses at home.

In the year 2004, I researched different Olympic bloodline stallions to breed my thoroughbred mare, Magical Lady, so I could have more advanced riding horses. By the year 2005, I made my pick with Out Of Bounds Farm using, Concerto Grosso, a holsteiner stallion imported to the United States from Germany. In the year's 2006 and 2007 my mare had two beautiful colts; Rupert and Conroy's Magic. In 2006 and 2007 we went to ISR Oldenburg Registry for each of the colts registration. Both year's my colts were awarded ribbons and the Premium Foal Awards; Rupert came out with a score of 8.2 in the year 2006, and Conroy's Magic came out with a score of 8.4 in 2007. Currently, I work Grace View Farms, work for Hagler & Associates, LLC, and attend Cowboy Church of Lafayette, GA.

Grace View Farm
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